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Barbu Kickboxing is a martial arts club specializing in striking.  We are proud to be more than a school; we are a community. We want you to experience more than just a course; we want you to live an experience.

The different courses we offer are all taught with the same vision and the same values: team spirit, community and family atmosphere.

All disciplines of our wide variety of services are included in your subscription to help you complement your training and make you a complete martial artist.  



Kickboxing is of course our specialty. We offer Kickboxing classes every day from Monday to Saturday!

At Barbu we teach “K1” kickboxing; a sport combining the punches of boxing with kicks to the legs, body and face as well as knee strikes. In addition to being a sport, it is also a formidable effective training method.


  Whether you want to get in shape by training recreationally or want to train competitively,  We are here for you! Our kickboxing classes are open to people of all levels.
Specifically, the style of Kickboxing we teach is Dutch Kickboxing. 

“Dutch Kickboxing” is characterized by long punching combinations followed by low-kicks as well as its mobile and explosive style.  Dutch Kickboxing is a modern and unorthodox synthesis of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate.

Classes begin with a warm-up, usually in the form of an exercise or game, followed by theoretical instruction and drills with a partner.

Our approach to kickboxing focuses on a quality community experience. At Barbu Kickboxing, everyone learns at their own pace to achieve their personal goals.


Kyokushin Karate

The Kyokushin classes offered at Barbu are non-orthodox and are practiced no-giwithout kimono (karategi) and on a musical background. The goal is to focus on martial efficiency and performance in the competitive aspect of Kyokushin.  

The Karate lessons we offer are very different from those of your childhood. The emphasis is on technique, strategy and fighting spirit. Our Karate classes are available to everyone, regardless of your background or your goals, whether you want to train to get in shape recreationally or compete, our classes will satisfy you.

Kyokushin  (極真) is a style of full-contact karate founded by Masutatsu Ōyama. It is a hard style of Karate based on efficiency in combat. Kyokushin competitions stand out for their explosive style, their fighting spirit and their volume. Unlike the so-called "Olympic" style of Karate, each blow is given at full intensity and continuously in competition.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai and Kickboxing are both similar and different sports.

Several Muay Thai fighters have made careers in Kickboxing, and vice versa.

At Barbu, we consider these two sports to be complementary, but magnificent in their differences.  

Muay Thai is more than a combat sport, it is also a martial art with its own rituals rooted in the cultural traditions of Thailand.  

At the competitive level, the rules of "K-1" and Muay Thai are similar but different. Muay Thai allows the use of elbow strikes and of sweeps. The clinch  is the main element which separates these two sports, whereas in kickboxing only one blow is allowed in "clinch", in Muay Thai the clinch continues as long as the fighters are active; the “ Nak Muay ” are therefore masters in the art of the “clinch”.

Our Muay Thai classes focus on techniques specific to Thai boxing. These are offered in a friendly, family atmosphere and generally include more physical conditioning than our regular Kickboxing classes.

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